3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Plumbing System

Plumbing is one the most important aspects of a home’s value and comfort. A piping system fails as a result of age, lack of maintenance or fluctuations in temperature. Here’s why it’s beneficial to upgrade the plumbing system in your Helmetta, NJ, home:

Lowered Water Pressure

Galvanized pipes contain impurities such as lead and iron, which slowly erode the walls of the pipes. Deposits of iron can build up in the water, and the iron can even rust within the piping, restricting the waterline and resulting in reduced water pressure. This can block the pipeline and rupture the entire piping.

Upgrading to better piping materials can lead to increased water flow. Materials like copper and plastic can make a good replacement for iron. You should get expert advice from plumbers in Monroe Township, NJ, and surrounding areas to establish the best piping for your home.

Reduce Water Hardness

Rust caused by iron deposits leads to a red discoloration or brown stains in sinks. Using this water to wash clothes leaves them feeling stiff and also leaves a residue on plates or cutlery. Hard water has poor heat connectivity leading to your boiler consuming more fuel.

Water softening involves replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. A porous plastic resin can be inserted at the water entry point to remove calcium and magnesium ions. Water softeners also release potassium for people who are decreasing their sodium intake.

Counter Negative Health Effects

Lead from old pipes can find its way to your drinking water, and that can result in a lot of health problems. Symptoms and complications include insomnia, nausea, fatigue, headaches and reproductive problems. It can also hinder brain development in children when ingested in high doses.

Upgrading your old plumbing system will improve the health of everyone in the household. It’ll also improve your home value and help to save on utility bills. You should contact expert plumbers to conduct repairs or replacements for your plumbing.

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