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Maintenance Matters: 3 Tasks for Taking Care of Your HVAC System

You rely on many appliances to create a comfortable home for your family and friends. Among the most valuable is your HVAC system. Taking care of your HVAC system will help it run at peak efficiency and save you money on your energy bills. It’ll also reduce the frequency of breakdowns and the risk of requiring a premature replacement. Here are three tasks for taking care of the HVAC system in your Helmetta, New Jersey home:

Change the HVAC System’s Air Filter

The filter in your HVAC system stops particle pollutants from recirculating in your home’s air supply. It also prevents them from collecting on the components inside the HVAC system. When the filter becomes dirty, it can’t perform these vital functions.

Homeowners should check their HVAC system’s filter every month. Raise the filter to a light. If you can’t see the light stream through the filter, it’s too dirty. You should change your HVAC system’s air filter no less than every 90 days to maintain high efficiency.

Clear Debris From Around the Outdoor Unit

Depending on how many trees and other plants you have in your backyard, the area around your HVAC system can become quite cluttered over time. To prevent twigs and other debris from impacting your HVAC system’s operation, clear around the outdoor unit every month. As a result, you’ll help your HVAC system function as it should.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

To prevent damage and personal injury, it’s best to leave most HVAC maintenance tasks to a trained professional. During preventive maintenance, a service technician can clean components and inspect the unit for any developing issues. If they find any, they can fix them on the spot to prevent more significant problems later down the road.

Ignoring your HVAC system’s health will eventually impact yours. Contact R.A. Nichols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for professional HVAC maintenance service.

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