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Heating Repair Services in Helmetta, West Windsor, NJ and Surrounding Areas

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Make Great HVAC Repair Easy – Cranbury, NJ

Imagine having to spend an entire winter in Cranbury, NJ without heat. That’s an avoidable scenario with R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating fast, quality heating repair. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

    Signs You Need Heating Repair

    It’s important to be aware of a few warning signs of a breakdown so that you aren’t left without heat:

    • Age – If your system is 15 – 20 years old, your system might end up causing trouble soon. Technicians at R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating can give you an estimate of how much life it has left and inform you of the next steps.
    • Odd Noises – When your heating system kicks on, does it sound like a train coming through your living room? That’s clearly a bad sign. Our heating technicians will find the issue and get it repaired quickly.
    • Yellow Pilot Light – If you see a yellow pilot light on your natural gas furnace, shut the furnace off immediately and call us. This indicates dangerous gas leakage. We need to get there quickly.
    • Cold Air – If your vents blow cold rather than heat, no matter how high you turn the thermostat, it’s clear you need our help. We will find the problem and repair it quickly.
    • Larger Heating Bill – An improperly running heating system can increase your heating bills tremendously. The proper repair can make your system run more efficiently. 

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