Slab Leak Detection In Helmetta, NJ

Slab Leak Detection In Helmetta, NJ

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Slab Leak Detection In Helmetta, Monroe Township, East Brunswick, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Your home may have a slab leak if your water or gas bill suddenly spikes, you hear the sound of running water inside the walls, or if you find warm spots around the floors. These are common signs indicating water leaks, but if it turns out that slab leaks are causing the problem, you should take action right away. Long-term problems that are not addressed in time tend to cause the most damage.

What Happens When Slab Leak Repairs Are Delayed?

Slab leaks are a huge problem, but they can get worse without timely repair. You will come to experience extensive water damage. Even small leaks can rapidly expand and damage the entire foundation of your home. By neglecting or putting off repair work, the water damage can become much more costly while also making the value of your home drop. Always seek out professional slab leak repair to make sure your home does not suffer from any more extensive damages.

Steps in the Slab Leak Repair Process

Our technician will first need to detect your particular problems. We do this through an electronic detection process. Once your slab leak repair needs are determined, we can plan the next steps in the repair process.

Methods differ from home to home, but in typical cases your home’s foundation and plumbing will need to be repaired directly. This can mean moving all interior furnishings and household members from the house so that new construction and installations can be done. It is often a smarter decision to install new plumbing throughout the house, along with reinstalling the flooring and foundation as well. If this kind of extensive repair work is necessary, don’t worry—we will guide you through the details of the entire process.