Frozen Water Pipe Repair In Helmetta, NJ

Frozen Water Pipe Repair In Helmetta, NJ

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Frozen Pipe Repair Services in Helmetta, Monroe, West Windsor, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Frozen Pipe Repair Services in Helmetta, Monroe, West Windsor, NJ and Surrounding Areas

Frozen Pipe Repair in Cranbury & Throughout Central New Jersey

When you have frozen or burst pipe problems, count on Cranbury’s top-rated plumbers for the right solution! Our team at R.A. Nichols Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is proud to serve your neighborhood—take a look at our client reviews to see what everyone is saying about our work!

The Problem with Frozen Pipes

You may notice that the floor in your hallway is wet; the carpet is soggy and the floor feels spongy. Your home may be experiencing leaking from frozen or burst pipes.

The expanding and shrinking of freezing and thawing pipes can lead your pipes to burst. Sometimes, only a tiny crack will occur. This will cause a slow leak, which could rot wood and damage drywall before it’s even noticed. A completely burst pipe will result in a flood of water—you’ll be able to hear the water running inside the walls.

Whether you have a small crack or a fully burst pipe, both can lead to great water damage. Pipes that have burst or cracked should be replaced immediately to lessen the extent of water damage.

Repairing a Frozen Pipe

It’s important to call on a professional to handle any frozen pipe problems. Pipes are usually located in your walls, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and underground, making them inaccessible to the untrained individual. If your pipe problem is in an accessible area, such as under the kitchen sink, taping the pipe tightly may help to temporarily stem the flow, but it will not be a permanent fix. Pipe bursts often happen in tricky areas, such as deeply buried main lines and within the walls.

What Causes Frozen Pipes?

There are many factors that can lead to your pipes freezing, including inadequate insulation, older copper pipes, and extreme cold weather for an extended period of time. Older homes may experience multiple pipe bursts. If your home was built over fifty years ago, it may be necessary to replace your older metal pipes with PVC pipes to reduce the risk of corrosion and water damage later on.