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5 Top Plumbing Problems In Older Homes in Helmetta, NJ

Owning an older home has its challenges. Older homes experience various plumbing problems. Here are the top plumbing problems a homeowner can experience in Helmetta, NJ:

Corroded Pipes

Firstly, aging pipes are a common problem in older homes. These pipes, mostly made of iron and zinc, are corroded with rust. They turn the water brown, making it unsafe for consumption. The pipes eventually break, necessitating a replacement.

Damaged Faucets

Most older homes have damaged faucets. The faucets wear out due to many years of use. As a result, they lead to breakage and leakages. Such fixtures require frequent replacement.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common problem in older homes. Blocked pipes and water leakages from corroded pipes cause low water pressure. Replacing the pipes solves the problem.

Mineral deposits on shower heads can be another cause of low water pressure. Mineral deposits accumulate over the years. As a result, the accumulated sediments cause blockage, thus lowering the water pressure.

Clogged Bathroom Drains

Bathroom and sink drains get clogged by hair and soap sediments. Older homes experience frequent clogging as the sediments accumulate over time. You can use a drain guard to trap the hair. By doing so, you’ll also protect your pipes.

Faulty Previous Repairs

Finally, older homes go through a series of repairs and maintenance, and you likely don’t know the quality of the previous repairs. The probability of substandard work is high.

Most older homes have repairs completed by homeowners. These repairs can lead to more damages and expenses. You should ensure that an expert checks these repairs.

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